Who said breakfast has to be boring?!?!?

Most people looking to get on a healthy eating plan often struggle a bit when it comes to what to eat in the morning.  We are accustomed to believe that the morning meal should consist of nutrient-deficient and sugar-laden food such as bagels, pastries, muffins, and even (often mistakenly thought to be healthy) cereals.  It’s time to step away from these processed energy-suckers and switch to energy boosting, health enriching, whole foods.

For a great post workout breakfast I love a veggie egg scramble.  I use one whole, free range egg mixed with 5-6 egg whites for a healthy dose of protein which supports both metabolism and the building blocks for lean muscle (and who doesn't LOVE that?!?). I'll add spinach, kale, peppers, onion, asparagus, and/or whatever is fresh and in season (and organic whenever available), and ALWAYS finish it with some delicious, fiber rich avocado, providing "good" fat to keep you feeling satisfied.  Use a small amount of real butter or healthy olive oil to keep the scramble from sticking.  You can scramble the eggs with the veggies or have them separate, as shown.

Organic egg whites are available at many grocery stores and save you the trouble of separating the eggs (and throwing out the yolks).  After sautéing the vegetables (and don’t be shy about adding fresh or dried herbs, some black pepper and a little sea salt to your taste), add the whisked eggs to the pan and lower the heat so the eggs don’t dry out or over-cook.  Stir lightly a few times to keep it fluffy until it is done the way you like it.

The veggies for the scramble in the photo has spinach, asparagus, and butternut squash, the last of which gives you a nice serving of slow-digesting carb to keep your energy up.  But you can’t eat the photo (well, maybe you can but it doesn’t taste very good although it is low in fat), so get out to the grocery store (or farmers’ market if you have one nearby) and stock up on these fresh veggies and eggs so you can get a great start your day and to your commitment to healthy eating.