Roleo Booth at EHBC



Last month, Team Roleo hit the road to Orlando, Florida, where we attended the Employee Healthcare and Benefits Conference.  We had a small booth with a TV showing all our videos, and a whole lot of Roleo Arm Massagers on the counter and table for people to try out. 

The reception was terrific.  Pretty much everyone who tried the Roleo liked it and saw how it could be helpful to people with painful wrist and hand issues, and for those who are at risk for those issues.  Many people returned to use the Roleo again, and dozens took one home with them.  It was gratifying to the Massage U crew to see our belief in the Roleo validated by so many healthcare and wellness professionals.

The EHBC opened with a great keynote by Olympic Gold Medalist Scott Hamilton, who talked about his career and how he overcame two life-threatening cancer battles with the help of some great healthcare providers and the support of his family.  His talk was, as you’d expect, inspirational, exciting and often funny.  But even as he spoke about the Olympics, the Ice Capades and fighting and beating a death sentence, his story is relatable to almost everyone.

Olympic Gold Medalist Scott Hamilton

We all work, we all have things we love to do and families we love to do them with. And we have all dealt at one time or another with unexpected challenges that we have had to overcome to keep on working, to continue hobbies or pastimes that make our lives worth living.  We may not do our jobs on TV in front of hundreds of millions, and our challenges may not be life-threatening, but they are our jobs, our hobbies and our challenges.

Carpal tunnel is not terminal.  But it can be severely debilitating.  The pain has been known to keep people awake.  People are told to stop doing work or hobbies to rest their hands.  But people have to work, and they want to continue doing things like playing golf and tennis, or rock climbing, or weightlifting or bowling or any of the hundreds of hand-intensive activities that people love to do that can contribute to wrist and hand pain conditions.  Knitting. Cooking. Video-gaming. The list is literally endless.

If you partake in certain activities, Roleo, along with stretching, ice and other therapies, can help prevent and treat chronic conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (or “repetitive strain injuries,” a larger category including tendinitis, trigger finger and cubital tunnel syndrome).  People tell us it’s easy and enjoyable to use, and it’s a lot more economical than many other treatments.  It’s also a great gift or incentive for your employees, friends, family and business associates. And if you’re a business owner, it can help you save money on lost work time and compensation.  Roleo shows them you care.