I recently passed a significant life milestone. Turning 30 years old.  Gone are the twenties and hello to a new decade of life.  While at first this was a very daunting and somewhat scary thing to me, I made the decision to embrace all the things that I have to be grateful for and look toward the possibilities of the future and what I can accomplish to enrich my health and wellness. And be my most active and fit.


I decided to take on the Whole 30, a NY Times Best Seller, and a way of eating that countless friends and colleagues have spoken of.  The Whole 30 is pretty simple, its a way of eating that focuses on WHOLE foods, eating to fuel your body to its fullest potential the way it was intended to be.  Not a huge departure from my normal healthy ways, but a few tweaks would have to take place, (i.e. putting down my love of protein bars, the occasional Greek Yogurt, and starting to be mindful of the quantities of food I was eating at each meal). The Whole 30's tough love approach to changing your habits is what drew me to the program.  The author's focus on the fact that this in actuality is not hard and put into perspective how many other far more challenging things there are in life.

I am currently a little more than a week in and totally pumped about this plan.  I feel great, energy is high, workouts are more intense so fitness is enhanced, my skin looks good, and I've successfully convinced several family members to join me in this feat! 


When it comes to working out the increased energy that comes with clean eating helps me to power through metabolic conditioning workouts as well as HIIT (high intensity interval training) sessions. I've found that doing workouts that continuously change and push your limits is key to continual growth in the potential of your body. Once the body gets used a routine that you're doing, it's already time to mix things up.

I love the rise in so many fitness studios which allow me to always Challenge my mind and body.  One day I might take class at Orange Theory fitness in the morning and then end the day with a hot power
Yoga class. Fusing yoga into an intense training routine is also a great way to add longevity and well-being. The added flexibility work is a great compliment to intense workouts and assists recovery and overall physical fitness.  

When it comes to getting sweaty, don't be afraid to try new things and never let yourself get too comfortable, and the results
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