Being a health and fitness fanatic wasn’t always something that made me jump out of bed in the morning. Making a personal decision to get in shape and change the way I fueled my body happened over 10 years ago and has shaped the person I am today.

I’d like to introduce you to my U fitness blog where I will discuss how to keep things fresh in the kitchen and how to ensure your workouts are fun and something you look forward to each and every day!

I treat each day as a new opportunity to challenge myself and truly feel proud of the time I spend working out and pushing my body's limits as well as nourishing it with high quality, nutrient-dense food.

In my next blog post I will discuss how food is more than just something you eat three times a day.    Good food also supports your fitness routine.  Before you can truly, successfully adopt a healthy eating and workout routine you need to examine the way you look at food and exercise.  These two things, done well, ENHANCE the body. The result is what we call fitness.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with you in the U-SELFCARE.COM blogs.  Here’s to our health!

Adam Dane is a fitness fanatic who has tried every workout and exercise class from NYC to Saratoga, such as Pilates, spinning, and Barry’s Boot Camp and other boot-camp style workouts, and is an instructor of Ultimate Fusion 50® and Spinning, and has recently developed a passion for yoga.  Adam is a Personal Trainer and social media consultant for an international athletic lifestyle and clothing brand.