blog_img In the last couple of months, Roleo received very positive reviews from certified Ergonomists and Occupational Health and Safety experts at UCLA and Stanford University. Those colleges? Not too shabby. This was great news, of course, but to us here at Massage U, it verified what we already knew: that the Roleo Arm Massager is a great self-care tool that is effective in the treatment and prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome and similar conditions. Tendonitis, trigger finger, fasciitis, tenosynovitis, arthritis… the list of hand and wrist pain-causing conditions (“-itises”) is quite lengthy. Roleo is not a cure, per se, but we have gotten many emails from people who claim that it completely alleviated debilitating pain, like the guitarist who stopped playing because of severe cramping in his left hand, who could then play again AFTER JUST ONE USE of his Roleo, or the massage therapist who had a cyst in a muscle in her forearm. After the cyst went away, she still had painful muscle issues for over a year until using the Roleo, which she said helped “break down the worst of trigger points and hypertonic muscle tissue. I have so much more range of motion and better function of my hands and fingers now.” The point here is that it’s great to invent and manufacture a product that you think can really help people, but there’s always a tiny concern that the general public won’t see or understand the benefits of using it. All it takes is some positive feedback to help keep the faith. We at Massage U ( will continue our mission to invent, develop, manufacture and distribute affordable and effective self-care products that people can count on to help with chronic pain and dysfunction. Our thanks go out to our customers for taking the time to write, and to the experts at UCLA and Stanford for trying the Roleo Arm Massager. If you or anyone you know suffers from any of the painful and debilitating conditions above, and have been frustrated by the lack of resources to help, please try the Roleo, especially before undergoing any surgery. You’ll be glad you did.