Heal Yourself with U-SELFCARE.COM

When we created our new website, www.U-SELFCARE.com, our intent was to offer visitors more than just a place to buy stuff.  Yes, you can still purchase our Roleo Arm and Hand Massager to help treat and prevent hand, wrist and forearm pain, as well as several other products to help with common, chronic pain conditions. You will also, in the future, be able to purchase natural bodycare products and fun, comfortable clothing for hanging out and working out   But when you visit our site, you can also expect to find information to help support and enhance your healthy lifestyle.

U-SELFCARE.COM will feature guest bloggers on topics like nutrition, cooking, exercise and fitness, massage, meditation, herbs and supplements.  Some of our bloggers are professional nutritionists and therapists; others are people like you who like to cook or hike or meditate.  We encourage our bloggers to share their information and secrets so that you can incorporate some of their healthy habits into your own life.

With categories like U-Selfcare (self-massage, relaxation techniques), U-Eat (recipes and nutrition facts), U-Fitness (soon to be linked to our future site, www.wethepeoplefitness.com), it will be easy to find topics of interest to you.  Or U.

U-SELFCARE.COM will also feature our “U-SELFCARE LINKS” page with hot links to other expert sites in self-care, meditation, yoga, nutrition, cooking, etc.  There is a gigaton of stuff out there on the web, and we sift through it to find items and sites of interest to you.  Or U.  We’ll also have links to videos (self-massage, fitness, nutrition and FUN!), articles on self-care, and our partner companies who, like us, offer products and information to help you be a better U.

We’re also happy to hear from our visitors about how to improve the site, what they like or dislike about the site and the contents and links, and what other products or information visitors would like to see.  We want to help you achieve your healthy goals.  And we want you to help us help you.  Or U.

So please visit and take a look around the place.  We hope you like what you see, and use what you find.