The best part of creating the Roleo is what people tell us about their experiences with it.  Large companies pay millions of dollars to fund studies to prove to the FDA and the medical establishment that their drugs or medical devices work as claimed.  At Massage U, we learn about the efficacy of our product from anecdotal evidence, emails, phone calls, posts and reviews from users, like Roleo’s 4-star rating on

We are told time and time again that Roleo helps people with hand and wrist issues.  But instead of a study of thousands of people with a lot of statistics (which is great if you can pay for it), we get to hear people’s stories, like the one from Keith, who also sent the photo of his guitar (that accompanies this blog) with a used first-generation Roleo that he got on eBay:

“I have to tell you how incredible this product is for me.  I was a dedicated guitarist for 7 years, and had to stop a few months back and convert over to piano due to left hand cramping.  The first time I used my Roleo, I was impressed so much, and within a few days I was playing guitar again. 

I spent the last few days smiling and rearranging my studio as I am back as a guitarist.  I know this message may not be cogent as the level of appreciation I am trying to express is not effectively being conveyed.  But this devise gave me back my musicianship.  I will keep a spare Roleo locked away for when I get old and feeble - so I can continue playing guitar in my twilight years. hahaha.”

I underlined “within a few days” to highlight how quickly the Roleo can help.  Does everyone have this fast and complete a recovery from symptoms?  No, but many have had similar results.  And often it’s a guitarist, or other musician or hobbyist, not necessarily professional, who had to stop doing something they love because of pain.  And Roleo gave them the ability to do it again.  Even moderate relief can mean a return to activities previously made intolerable due to pain.

A lot of hand and wrist pain is work related.  People in the food industry and manufacturing, truck drivers, dental hygienists, and countless others who use their hands in repetitive tasks can develop pain, numbness, tingling and other symptoms. Traditional treatment consists of braces, anti-inflammatory medications with dangerous side effects, and ultimately surgery that might not be effective.  People are prescribed to wear a brace and rest.  But people need to work.  They can’t just stop.  So they take drugs or have surgery and try to soldier on.

Hobbies aren’t essential activities, but people love them.  Golf, tennis, music, rock climbing, weight lifting, fishing, knitting.  These are the things we love to do, that make life worth living.  But the first prescription for hand and wrist pain is to stop the activity that may have caused it.  We think you shouldn’t have to give up doing something you love.  And so we invented the Roleo.

Roleo works.  People like Keith tell us this every day.  Physical therapy, stretching and massage are important.  Roleo doesn’t replace these effective modalities, it complements them.  It is very affordable (especially relative to most treatments), easy to use, and most importantly, effective.

If you’re suffering from hand and wrist pain, and thinking about surgery, or taking pain medications that can hurt your liver and kidneys, try a Roleo first.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and you’re likely to find that using a Roleo a couple of times a day is all you need to get pain free and back to work, or to the hobbies you love.  Best of all, you don’t need to rely on anyone else to feel better.

And when you do, please let me know at