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New And Improved! Learning and Growing.

As we enter our 12th year as a company, Massage U continues to grow and learn from our successes and our mistakes.  One of the ways this growth presents itself is with our continuous refinement of our Roleo Arm and Hand Massager.

In the past, we have adjusted the pressure, changed the color of the knob and the frame, added suction cups to stabilize the unit and make it “hands-free.”  We’ve changed the art on the box, tried to make it quieter, tried stronger pressure, less pressure, softer rollers, firmer rollers, and so on.  We had version 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 (not sure why we didn’t have 1.5 or 2.6, but whatever).

The point is, we keep trying to make our product as good as it can be, while keeping it affordable.  We are trying to do that with our next product, coming to you in the next year, make it as good as it can be.  We will make mistakes and we will get some things right, but we always try to improve, and we like hearing from you.

We sell a lot of Roleos on Amazon, and unfortunately Amazon has this way of sending out our product without a shipping box (yep, just slap a shipping label on there and throw it in the mail to save money), and not letting people return the Roleo if they don’t like it. (We think everyone should love the Roleo, but like all products, it’s just not for everyone, and that’s okay.)

And what happens?  People get mad that they can’t return it so they give us a bad review on Amazon.  Even though they’re really reviewing Amazon.

This is all to say that we have always tried to listen to our customers and other people who try our product, and we’re pretty good at taking constructive criticism and turning it into improvements.  We really want everyone to like our product and so we try to make it better.

So please, if you have any questions or comments, send them to us so we can actually address them.  Call us.  Email us.  Let us know what you think.  If you want to send it back because it doesn’t work for you, get in touch with us so we can make sure you’re using the Roleo correctly, and if you are, and it’s still not for you, we’ll gladly take it back, or replace it if it is defective.

Finally, we will be introducing a NEW AND IMPROVED ROLEO (4.o?) in the coming months.  It’s quieter, heavier (more substantial), and we think is another positive improvement on the best-selling carpal tunnel massager in the market over the last decade.

We thank you for your support and for helping us make our products even better for everyone.

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