Our Company

Bringing Self Care to U

We called our company Massage U for a couple of reasons. One is you. You are taking care of your health, making smart choices based on research. By knowing your options. Like a college, you learn new things and plan based on that knowledge. That’s the other part of “U.” Massage U isn’t a University, but we are always looking for new and better information and products to pass on to our visitors and members. We only sell products we believe in, products that have stood the test of time and have shown to be effective and affordable. And we will only feature articles, videos and links from knowledgeable and reliable sources.

Your Team

Massage U, Inc. was founded in 2006 by its President and CEO, Paul Kleiman, a massage therapist, attorney and writer, to manufacture, market and sell his invention, the Roleo Therapeutic Arm Massager. Paul invented the Roleo to help with his own hand and wrist pain, and wanted to make it available to others. The inspiration for the Roleo was the wringer from old fashioned clothes washers. The idea was to allow people to self-treat their arms and hands to help ease or prevent pain and other symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other similar conditions. Roleo is now widely used by massage therapists and other professionals with repetitive hand movement-intensive occupations.

In 2013, Kiki Ryan, R.N., became a co-owner and officer of Massage U, assuming the role of COO and Vice President of Marketing. Ms. Ryan’s background includes several years as a healthcare consultant for a major Southern California healthcare provider and as a project manager for research institutions and companies such as the Rand Corporation. Before moving to California, Ms. Ryan enjoyed a career as a healthcare lobbyist and public health advocate in New York. Ms. Ryan is behind the efforts of U-CARE, the service arm of U-SELFCARE.COM, to be developed and launched in 2016.


U-SELFCARE.COM was founded to help people enhance the different aspects of a healthy lifestyle. “Wellness” is a word thrown about a lot these days, as is “holistic,” and other terms that represent the current trends in health and healthcare. Wellness is the opposite of sickness. Before the last decade or so, healthcare tended to focus on symptoms and sickness and how to get rid of them. Pain, lack of energy, depression, and so forth, are all symptoms people don’t want. So we take pills or have surgery to correct them, often not addressing the underlying issue or cause. Holistic health looks at the person as a whole being. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, all of these make up an individual.

U-SELFCARE’s product categories reflect holism and wellness ideals. Massage U develops products to help ease and prevent chronic pain through self-treatment, to allow people to take control of their own wellness; U-SELFCARE presents self-care tools made by other companies that we feel are especially effective; U-WEAR will feature clothing and accessories that fit the active, healthy lifestyle; U-BODYCARE will be offering soaps, lotions, supplements and other products from holistic-minded producers. U-FITNESS (and WETHEPEOPLEFITNESS.COM) will bring information about exercise, meditation, yoga and other fitness modalities people visiting our site. Finally, U-CARE reflects our philosophy that we take good care of ourselves so we may care for others, by volunteering or donating time or money to good causes that help people who need it most.

We at U-SELFCARE.COM see this as cyclical: the healthier we are, the more we make ourselves well and help others, we make the whole planet a better place.