Selfcare Articles

Trigger Points and Carpal Tunnel: Your hand pain might not be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Basics: the University of Kentucky Student Affairs answers the questions, “So What is Selfcare, Anyway?” with some explanation and examples of good self-care habits.

Marygrace Taylor of tells us some the age-old wisdom about nutrition isn’t just an “old wive’s tale in “6 Superfoods Your Grandmother Ate – And You Should Too,”

Anne-Sophie Reinhardt, “12 Powerful Self-Care Tools You Can’t Live Without” discusses how self-care, and self-love, are important foundations for a healthy, happy life.

Paul Ingraham, “Therapeutic Touch is Silly” is an unbiased look at energy work.

ABMP Wrist Pain by Ben Benjamin offers a comprehensive look at Carpal Tunnel and other wrist conditions.

Arthritis Foundation “Benefits of Massage” by Susan Bernstein summarizes studies showing the positive benefits of massage for Arthritis pain.

Yoga shown to reduce hospital visits? Yes. And meditation helps too. Huffington Post by Carolyn Gregoire