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Hello! My name is Kari Ikemoto, RD and I am a Registered Dietitian based in Los Angeles where I work at UCLA as an oncology dietitian and at a medical group as an outpatient dietitian. My goal is to help people across the spectrum of health live healthier through food and nutrition. As an oncology dietitian, I see patients who truly benefit from the concept of food as medicine. As a wellness dietitian, I encourage and motivate my patients to cook real, whole foods and to move a little each day. Regardless of which population I work with, I take a realistic approach to eating. Too many people are following restrictive, unrealistic diets that are hard to stick with and eliminate valuable nutrients. Instead, put the focus on creating meals that matter. Go plant based and include non starchy vegetables, whole grains, and buy local! My mantra is to enjoy your food and enjoy all aspects of the journey. From shopping to prepping to doing  adishes, each part of the process leads to the most joyful of all- eating!

To learn more about my approach to health and nutrition, follow my blog karionnutrition.com.